Investing in UK property continues to offer a wealth of attractive opportunities

6th May 2022

UK property investment offers safe and secure growth of 8% per annum to overseas investors.

With stock markets starting a downward trend in 2022, investors are seeking safe and secure assets to safeguard their capital and provide stable growth and income.

The UK BTR (Build to Rent) property market provides one of the strongest and safest opportunities to grow your savings over the next 2 to 5 years, with a 2 Million unit shortage and increasing demand. Real estate investment specialist Richard Hall explains more.

Why should I invest in UK Property?

With inflation now at a four decade high and central banks printing money at a rapid pace, tangible assets such as property are experiencing strong demand from investors. Here are five reasons why real estate in the UK is particularly attractive:

  • Housing Shortage – In the UK, too few residential properties have been built, which means there is a huge shortfall of homes available and the demand for more homes is increasing. At current building rates, it could take 15 Years for supply to catch up with demand.
  • Legal Strength – Established over hundreds of years, property law in the UK is considered one of the most robust legal frameworks in the world.
  • High Yields – Rental income generated from UK Property offers strong yields. Investors should focus on affordable housing (BTR – Build to Rent market) to guard against another global recession, where demand significantly outstrips supply and end-users are often government funded.
  • Lack of Land – There is a strong future of long-term capital appreciation with UK property due to the notable shortage of land available to build new projects.
  • Decreased Value of £GBP – Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU referendum, the pound at its lowest level against the dollar in 35 years, investing in the UK provides a unique opportunity to take advantage of UK real estate for growth.

How can you invest in UK real estate?

Whether you are an ex-pat investor or Emirati native, it is vital that you find a trusted partner who understands the market and who will provide you with honest, unbiased advice based on your individual requirements.

Specialist research, analytics, and advisory firm, NCAP, is the number one choice for simple, effective savings solutions that deliver market leading growth even in the most challenging economic conditions.

Headquartered in London, they specialize in finding real estate opportunities that suit all levels of investors with defined rates of income and growth. Their focus is to deliver clients a stable portfolio of income investments with continuity, providing peace of mind that their savings are secure whilst gaining a fixed rate of interest above inflation.

Investment options include:

  • UK Real Estate Bonds – Investors with USD 25,000 or more can access secure, short term UK bonds with UK FCA regulated trustees, fixed interest rates of 8%+ per annum and security from legal ownership of UK property.
  • Buy-to-Let Properties – Opportunity to purchase buy-to-let properties with monthly instalments without the need for large deposits or mortgages. Access to affordable new development or distressed sale opportunities in the UK to maximize investor value.