You can save as little as $500 monthly and $10,000 as a lump sum

Our monthly saving option is fixed for two years, you can then choose to redeem all capital and interest or alternatively you can continue to save by renewing annually for 1 Year each time. Lump sum savings options offer terms between 1 and 10 Years and you can choose the right option for you with the help of our experts.

Yes, most products offer a choice of currencies and our monthly savings option is available in USD or GBP

All of the savings options that we offer are backed by the protection of physical assets in the UK and you have the peace of mind that a UK Regulated Trustee is holding legal charges on your behalf to safeguard your capital. You can read more about this in the security section

Your capital is repaid automatically at the end of the term to the bank account nominated by you. We will contact you 30 days prior to redemption to confirm that the details held are correct and up to date.

With all fixed interest products, we do not take a fee from you and there are no management charges. This means that if the product pays 6% annual interest you will receive exactly this amount with no deductions, we will receive a separate fee from the product provider. For investment management whereby you have an existing portfolio which we offer continue guidance and support for, we simply charge a performance fee of 20% above a benchmark of 5% per annum. This means that if your portfolio grows by 10% in a year we will take a 1% fee, billed to you directly or taken from the pension/platform provider if allowable.

Yes, we encourage you to build a diverse portfolio over a period of time, enabling you to have different savings for different goals, maturing at different times.

We have many options which allow you to draw the fixed rate of interest as quarterly or annual income payments, with the capital being redeemed at maturity.

No, interest and capital is repaid to you without any tax liablities or deductions. If you are subject to tax liablities in your country of residence it is your responsibility to manage this personally.

You will have access to all of your savings in the NCap portal and you can see the current value and maturity dates of your savings . You also have the abililty to upload I.D documents, change personal details and complete application processes online without the need for face to face meetings and paper forms.

You can change the amount you save monthly by simply logging in to the portal and making the desired alteration.

We operate a borderless, global business with full online and digital capabilities to ensure that the service and support that you receive from a local office can continue wherever you may go.