“I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Sean and NCAP. Sean reached out to me last year; he was highly professional, and rather than try to sell me something, he was interested in my experience of saving and investing here in the UAE.

I explained to Sean that I had a terrible experience and had lost all trust in advisors here; a financial advisory firm who transferred my UK Pension mismanaged it and invested me into a fund that collapsed. I lost all my pension and was given no guidance; it was explained to me by the firm that there was nothing they could do, and I had long accepted it was gone.

Sean listened to my situation and explained that he could help me recover some of my losses through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. I had never heard of this and was not aware it was possible.

He handled it for me, did not charge me for it, and he helped me recover £45,000 of my pension, which I had written off. Although there was a slight delay due to covid, once the process had started, the money was transferred into my account within three months.

If you are looking for investment advice, have had a bad experience, lost money or have products that are not performing to your expectations and would like an honest review of your situation.

I would wholeheartedly recommend NCAP and Sean; they truly have your best interests at heart and have helped put me back on track to achieving my financial goals.”

Mark Taylor


NCAP has given me a wonderful experience of investing in property. After managing my own buy to let properties which turned out to be stressful and less profitable than expected, NCAP provided me with a property backed investment which gives me a really good interest rate and no maintenance costs or management fees. I would happily recommend NCAP to my friends and others.

Edward Wong – Managing Director


After searching for some time to find a safe place to invest the proceeds of an inheritance, we have been happy to achieve better interest rates than our bank could offer us from NCap. They listened to our requirements and found us a short term savings product which gives us income payments every 3 months and we have been very satisfied with the regular contact and updates that are provided to us.

Jonathan Walker – Designer


As a long term expat in Dubai, I have benefitted hugely from the help and expertise of NCAP over the years. Having a trusted source of savings and investment advice allows me to focus on my business with the peace of mind that my money is working hard for me. I particularly like the fixed term, fixed interest products as I know exactly what I am getting and don’t have to worry about stock markets.

Richard Boyd – Founder and Director


“I have known Richard at NCAP eight years and I can highly recommend him for personal financial planning. He is well informed in all aspects of the financial sector backed up with the specialists at NCAP, and therefore I can rely on him to have the best advise for my personal financial situation.

In the UAE there are a lot of financial advisors who will always offer products based on what commission they will receive. Not in Richard’s case. With the specialist backing at NCAP he will always find the best deal for you. He also constantly reviews your situation and is not hesitant to change products if that suits me better.

He is a very pleasant person to deal with. On his visit he always takes time to listen to your personal situation and can explain how products work in a language that is easy to understand.

I value my relationship with Richard very much and I’m sure that it will continue for many years to come.

Jeroen Heins – Captain

Emirates Airline

I had the good fortune to be introduced to NCAP by a friend. I was looking for an expert who could help me sort my finances following a long term disastrous engagement with a “well known” local firm of IFA’s.

They discussed my current situation and understood my medium & long term financial objectives. They then advised a range solutions which met my needs which restructured my pension and maximized my investments. NCAP have always been positive, helpful & responsive. I value their advice & experience.

I have no hesitation in recommending NCAP.

Paul Sherry – Regional Director


Prior to meeting Richard, I had several negative experiences with UAE financial advisors who cumulatively had managed my portfolio into the red.  They all appeared responsive and reliable at the beginning of our relationships, but universally that changed over time.  Richard has been diligent in remediating vulnerabilities in my portfolio and managing it back into the black.  Moreover, he has identified additional products and opportunities that complimented my existing investments, were appropriate for my circumstances and commensurate to my risk appetite, and that have performed and continue to perform very well.  In sum, Richard has proven over the years to be an excellent advisor.  He is a dependable source of practical decision-making advice, but he also is a trustworthy person who listens to my needs and who genuinely cares about helping to organize my finances, maximize my returns, and realize my overarching financial goals.  Perhaps the best endorsement of all is that Richard also now advises my wife!

Richard Gibbon – Partner